Brown Defends His Big Air Title

X Games Skateboard Big Air wrapped up Thursday night at the Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, CA with the name Jake Brown once again at the top of the leader board. Brown had stiff competition from Bob Burnquist and Rob Lorifice, but was able to edge them out with a backflip on the first hit, and an Indy 540 that measured 21′ 8″ on the quarter pipe.

All night, the talk on and around the mega ramp was whether or not a 900 was going to go down on the quarter pipe. Word on the street is Burnquist and Brown have one in their pockets. Brown never attempted one and Burnquist threw up two, one he even set down onto the ramp, but couldn’t hang on.

The 15 year-old Brazilian sensation Pedro Barros was able to stomp a run landing a backside 360 on the first hit and a melon 540 on the quarter pipe. It wouldn’t give him an X Games medal, but it was quite a feat for the eighth grader.

Burnquist looked a bit displeased when Brown’s score was posted, which was .33 points higher than his. He had landed a switch backside 540 on the first hit, and an Indy 540 on the quarter pipe. A very difficult run, “dropping into the mega ramp switch is a trick in itself,” said mega ramp legend and commentator, Danny Way.

In the end though, it was the exact medal finish as last year. On a side note, Burnquist would not give up on the 900, and attempted more than handful more after the contest ended, to the cheers of the crowd and the chagrin of his wife.

Here are the Results:

1. Jake Brown – 93.66
2. Bob Burnquist – 90.00
3. Rob Lorifice

Jake Brown mid backflip. Photo: Harry How via Getty Images.