Berard II

There were a few years there, where we didn't hear much from you. Did you take time off, were you injured or were you just keeping a low profile?

A little bit of everything. I was in a very bad car accident along with two of my close friends and one not so close friend who ended up trying to sue me. It was a terrible experience for me and all of my friends and family. Our good friend Jon was in a coma for about two weeks and that was a struggle for all of us. I broke my femur and bruised most of my body. I had two surgeries over a year and decided to go to college while my body and mind healed up. It was just one of those things that happen in your life where you just have to learn and take as much positive information and use it towards the next struggle in your life. It woke me up to what was going on around me in so many different aspects. It taught me life is a fragile gift not to be taken for granted, as obvious as that seems, sometimes people still tend to forget.

Riding for World Industries is a pretty big deal considering their current team and the history behind that company. How do you feel about being part of such an impressive team?

We are coming out with a full length video soon. We all have been busting our asses and there is not any breaks until the deadline. It’s fun working towards something like that even though at times it can be a bit overwhelming.

Do you ever feel neglected being 3000 miles form your sponsors?
Not at all, I stay in contact with all of my sponsors. It is easier though to wake up and go to dwindle instead of wake up and call.

When I finally got to see you skate in person, I was amazed at what an ATV you are. Did this come form the people you skate with, the terrain you have to skate, or just from spending hours in you backyard?

I started out as a park rat in Virginia Beach, then Peewee and Sergie got me skating vert. I did that until the very ramp was gone and then a started skating street. My roots are in transition, that is for sure. I would feel way safer skating a pool than a rail, I am pretty sure I always will.

What's up with your ramp?

I have a mini ramp in my parent’s backyard. It is the best mini ramp I have ever skated and the sessions are so fun. We usually get some burgers and cook out and rip.

Who's the local crew you ride with?

Fat tony, Gibbs, all the guys that ride for Cardinal, everyone a Winslow’s ramp, and my buddy Paul and his drywall crew. Its great.

What are you doing these days?

I am just trying to stay busy. I still like going to the contest, but I am trying to be productive in other aspects of skateboarding. Besides skating, I am trying to buy a house and just take it easy when I can. I love hanging out with my close friends, skating or no skating, and hanging with my family. I have been reading more books lately and watching less TV. ” The Five People You Meet in Heaven” is going pretty well. I am half way done with the book and hope to finish it soon. God that sounded gay.

What brings you out to L.A. ?

World Industries. That plus the good friends I have been traveling with lately. I have been able to skate everyday. No rain and good spots.

On a scale of 1-10 How much do you love Mike Petersons Cigarette smoke.

I like it 1. He likes it 10. His mom bought him the patch every year for Christmas. I think she gave up a few years ago after catching wind about Mike wearing the patch while smoking.