Bulldog sets skateboarding world record

A bulldog in Lima, Peru, has set a world record for the longest human tunnel skateboarded through by a dog on Sunday in honor of Guinness World Records Day 2015.

Otto expertly navigated a tunnel of 30 humans, who spread their legs out on a long sidewalk.

The three-year-old English Bulldog had to pass freely through the tunnel, without being touched or led in order for the record to qualify.

An adjudicator was on-hand to legitimize Otto's historic ride.

According to the Guinness World Record's website, Otto's owners, Luciana Viale and Robert Rickards, were inspired to get a bulldog after watching the late Tillman, who was the fastest skateboarding dog.

He sadly passed away a few weeks ago.

Viale came up with the idea for the record when Otto was coming at her full speed on a skateboard.

To avoid getting hit, she quickly sprung her legs open so he could pass freely without injury.

Thus, the human tunnel was born … and history made.

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