25 Years of Cab

On Saturday night, September 10th, 2005 we held a Sneak Preview of The Making of The Search for Animal Chin, a forty-five minute documentary put together by Don Hoffmann at ASR in San Diego.

Some of those in attendance were- Ray Barbee, Mike McGill, Tim Payne, Kevin Harris, Grant Brittain, Miki Vuckovich, Sean Mortimer, Reggie Barnes, Sean Cliver, Alan Gelfand, Don Hoffmann, Dennis Dragon, Ray Underhill, Jay Smith, and Donny Griffin.

Prior to the showing of the Sneak Preview, we surprised and honored Steve Caballero for his 25 years of loyal skateboarding for Powell Skateboards. Everyone but CAB knew he would be honored at the Sneak Preview. John Oliver put together a four minute tribute of CAB that included his sixteen magazine covers, George Powell spoke kind words on behalf of the company and Steve shared from his heart. George presented Steve with the first deck from the limited run of 500, Powell Peralta CAB Propeller Skull graphic decks. George and Stacy Peralta will sign the deck and it will be custom framed for Steve’s collection. After two standing ovations for CAB, the Sneak Preview started…

Here are some quotes from that night-

“I’ve never been so happy about the world of skateboarding that I cried, until Stevie’s big night last weekend. Wow, that was really special”

It bought back tons of memories. Its funny how blessed I was at such a young age to skate with those guys all at one time. Once again Thank You So Much.

the doc was terrific…really entertaining and informative
THANK YOU for hosting that event…it was truly one of the most emotional skate experiences I have ever witnessed. Steve is one in a million

thanks again for the invitation to the premiere. it was amazing–mr. hoffmann did a great job. george’s and steve’s words were golden….

Thanks for allowing us to participate in the preview of that awesome
documentary. Don deserves a big pat on the back for a job well done.
Can’t wait till it’s on DVD and can show it to the kids to pass along the
history to the next generation. I was stoked on it.

George Powell, Cab and McGill

The Making of The Search for Animal Chin is a forty five minute documentary by Don Hoffmann about the making of the skateboard video, The Search for Animal Chin. It contains interviews with Stacy Peralta, Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Tommy Guerrero and Mike McGill.

We hope to have the Special Edition, The Search for Animal Chin DVD available in late October. It will contain the original movie, director and team commentary, the documentary, outtakes and a few more added surprises.