Can Cole Three-Peat?

Can Chris Cole three-peat? That may just be the main question of the third edition of the Maloof Money Cup OC. He is the defending champ of the event, and is fresh off a win at the inaugural New York City edition of the series. That’s $200,000 in cash courtesy of the business mogul brotherly trio known as Joe, Gavin and George Maloof. If all goes as planned for Cole he could bring the total to $300,000 in prize money from this contest series. Hell, if he wins Best Trick it could $310,000.

He’ll have Paul Rodriguez and Torey Pudwill to deal with, who finished second and third to him in NYC and are his biggest threats. What makes Chris Cole so good is his ability to rifle through difficult tricks like a machine. It’s like he’s half robot or something, in the jam format while most the guys are working on their first and second tricks, he’s sometimes three or four deep.

If the Cole-bot is his usual self he is a definite threat to win another Maloof Money Cup. The course is a little smaller at this year’s OC stop, which may work against him a bit. One of his biggest assets is his ability to extremely difficult tricks down big obstacles. He proves that in the first two OC Maloofs on the replica Hollywood High rail and Rincon sets. The lack of one big obstacle won’t put him at a disadvantage, it just levels the playing field a bit. If Cole is able to put together he should really think about becoming a Sacramento Kings fan (the NBA team the Maloofs own).

Below are video Chris Cole highlights from the first two Maloof OC Contests: