Chad Knight : Skateboarder

Chad Knight has been at it for years. Recently he was forced to take an extended break to recover from a spiral fracture to his fibula, which ended up requiring multiple surgeries. Now he's back with new sponsors, a new crew and the same unwavering determination.

When did you turn pro?
I turned pro in 1997

Who was your first sponsor?
My first sponsor was Sunsports Skateshop in Columbus, Ohio. H-Street was my first board sponsor.

The Last couple of years have held some big changes for you. What are you up to these days?

Yeah the last couple years have been very eventful… good and bad. After my injury it took my awhile to feel that I was skating as good as I was before I got hurt. I had a lot of mental barriers that I had to get over, so that was really frustrating. Now I have all new sponsors and skate with a whole different group of people, which has been a big change, but a good change. Looking back at all that has happened and where I ended up, I'm really stoked.

You have been part of some amazing teams in the past. What's the coolest thing about being part of the INC. Crew?
There are a lot of cool things about being part of INC. I like that I was part of the initial team and was able to voice my opinions on the direction we were going to take the company, the team consists of people who have fun skating together and actually like hanging out with each other. Which is a huge difference from most teams I have been a part of. Oh, and (Jason) Maxwell is my team manager… cant beat that!

You recently did a tour with the Bones wheel team, where did you go, and what were some of the highlights of that?

That tour was very interesting. Let me start by saying that we CAMPED in ARIZONA in the SUMMER! A camping tour in the desert, needless to say I was a little hesitant committing to this one. It turned out to be an amazing trip though, lots of good skating and lots of comedy provided by Perko and Bickerstaff. Highlights? I was too dehydrated to remember any details, but we did go to a party one night where some douche bag had a tight ass black shirt on that said "EMO IS AWESOME". And I believe he was not wearing it as a joke…

What's on the IPOD these days?
I hate this question. My music selection is so fucking random. Lets see, lots of Metallica, Three 6 Mafia, Modest Mouse, Ludacris, Slayer, Maiden, GnR, some classical… told you it was a mess.

One thing that has always set you apart from a lot of pros is your versatility, most of our readers probably know you as a street skater, but few can remember your ad for Maple doing a McTwist on Vert ramp.
What is you philosophy on skating different types of terrain, and how did you develop such a well-rounded bag of tricks?

I have always thought that knowing how to skate everything makes you skate everything better. Being well-rounded just gives you ways to have a new perspective on whatever it is that you are skating. And shit, being able to skate everything is part of being a real skateboarder, there's a serious problem if you can kickflip front board a handrail but cant drop in on a miniramp.

When was the last time you padded up and hit the vert ramp?
Too long ago. Chany has been skating DC all the time and I keep saying I am gonna' go with him, but it doesn't seem to be happening.

You also seem to be attracted toward bigger stuff, I don't think I've ever seen a picture of you skating a bench, it's always a huge set or a big gap, Why is that?

I have always liked jumping down big shit. It gives me that rush that made me start skating to begin with. I like skating benches and all that but I love the rush and adrenaline that comes from skating big shit. I also like the feeling of riding away from something I got beat up trying, a good feeling of accomplishment that I don't get from crooked grinds.

Explain the bright Red Osiris shoe, was that your style, or were you chasing some of that D3 loot.
Yosiris did whatever they wanted to do. I will leave it at that.

You won the Sun Diego Best trick contest a few months back with a switch 360 flip down a replica of the SD. Sports Arena double set. That's a pretty big trick to throw down a double set, had you done that at the real SD Sports Arena?
No, I haven't. Last time I was there I had a bad experience with "mistaken identity", arrested for assault with a deadly weapon… questioned for hours and let go after the guy decided not to press charges. It was bad news, so I don't like going there any more, needless to say. However I still went and saw Iron Maiden there after that.

Are switch hard flips easy for you?
That trick should be easy for everybody.

Who do you skate with these days?
I have been skating with my roommates, Chany and Gallant, a lot more lately. I still skate with Pazelt pretty often. Other than that, Chris Lambert, Kyle Leeper, Ronson, Ryan Bodman…

What's next for Chad Knight?
Well in the last couple weeks I have made a few drastic changes in my life that should have a profound impact on things to come. I plan on skating a ton, spending time with my son, Colin, I just have a lot of things planned that I have been wanting to do for a long time, some of these tricks have been on my list for far too long. So I hope to have an eventful year.

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