Year Of The Chad

Chad Tim Tim
The Year of Chad
Words: Paul Sharpe

Time ripens all things, which is certainly the case for Chad Tim Tim. In 2002, New Deal's Seven Year Glitch showcased Chad's skills and catapulted him into the professional ranks. Within the same year, New Deal had become a memory. But this was neither the fate of Chad, nor a hint of anything to come. It was instead an opportunity to be seized. Having been a part of Popwar since its inception, Chad's maintained, progressed and grown during the past four years. Entering 2006 as a newlywed, Chad doesn't show signs of souring. Like a good wine, he gets better with time. So let the following pages elaborate this fact as well as prepare you for what I like to call The Year of Chad. —Cairo Foster

Do you feel a lot of pressure in your life today?
Yeah, but it's personal pressure that I put on myself.

Can you elaborate?
I think it stems from everyone being his own worst critic. I feel a bit worthless when I'm not getting something done.

Do you have a personal criteria or set goals?
I have a hard time getting still photos. I usually have something in my head that I want to do and can't get it out of my head till I accomplish it.

What makes it so hard?
I feel that things I do translate better in sequence format versus still photo. Maybe I just need to jump on some rails. I do wish that my interview had more stills than sequences. Maybe that would allow me a shot at the cover, ha ha.

Is that something you're going to consciously work on?
Maybe tonight is the night.

Do you feel as if you're at a crossroads in your career?
I feel like I'm finally doing what I want to do instead of what I thought I should be doing. It's a better feeling in the long run. Is that selfish?

No, I think it's your choice to make and if you're good with that then as a team manager I have to deal with that, right?
Well, as long as I'm pleasing those who support my skating.

What if I were to say I'm not impressed?
You're gonna make this hard on me, aren't ya?

I'm just trying to capture and keep the audience's attention.
Then this is about the time that I'm supposed to say something clever and funny. Well, I'm not that clever.

Nor funny.
I can be pretty funny.

OK, let's hear something funny.
Have you seen those Tech Deck ads? Or for that fact, those lights that go under your board?

You know you want one of those things!
I got a Tail Devil on my cruiser board.

Is that flair or fanatics?
It's fashion!

How is it balancing married life along with filming two major video parts?
Married seven months, been gone half the time. But it's great that Lindsey supports and understands what I do. And when I get down, she's always the one to lift me up. She's my number one motivator, besides Yahweh.

Can you define your choices as far as sponsors go?
It has to be something I'm really feeling, that my heart is into and not just a check to sit back and collect. Why build treasures here on Earth when I can build treasures in heaven? Everything here on Earth is perishable. You can't take what you own when you go to heaven. It's not my will but the Lord's will, will be done.

Suppose I said there's nothing after this stay here on Earth? What if this is all you get?
Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying not to enjoy life. I love what I do and feel very fortunate that I'm able to do it on a daily basis. I just don't think that way. I know there's more for me in the afterlife; that's my own belief.

Do you think in some way that gives you an advantage?
No, because I'm not above anybody. I'm the same as you and the same as the person reading this.

From what I've known of you, you keep your faith and ideals mostly to yourself and you never press them upon anyone. Why is that?
I've never been one to preach. But if you ask me about my faith, I'm going to share my thoughts and beliefs. I think the biggest turnoff about "religion" is people who press it upon you. It seems the more someone is telling you to do something, the more you want nothing to do with it.

Is it important for you to share you thoughts and beliefs to educate others about your faith?
I want to answer that but I don't want to come off sounding lame. I think it's important, and I'd like to do more than I do now. I don't because I'm not the best at translating my thoughts into words. My head's a mess.

Did you ever have dreams of becoming a professional in a different field?
I played soccer for 12 years. I really wanted to play for the LA Lasers.

What's the single most awe-inspiring moment you've ever experienced?
Purchasing a wedding ring.

Which trick will we never see you do?
Kickflips. Have you ever seen Charlie Chaplin act? Like that, I kick my heels together.

What's the deal with you hurting others unintentionally?
I think I'm like a child at times. I get all excited and it seems like someone always ends up getting hurt because of that.

Have you always been like this?
Yeah. I think the worst episode was when I broke my older sister's finger.

What do we not know about you?
When I was 5 years old I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. They prescribed medication, but I never took it. I think it's beginning to show itself again lately.

What are your greatest strengths?
I'm easily approachable and I consider myself to be reliable.

What are your weaknesses?
Not being able to communicate with others, and I have a hard time being on time.

If you had the opportunity to change anything, what would it be?
Insecurities. Everyone's got 'em.

Have you ever felt helpless?
When I found out Ojaio Reynolds might be diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. "Poop for Ojaio!"

I'm backin' that, no pun intended! Go, Ojaio! What's your biggest regret?
Doubting myself.

Greatest achievement?
Too soon to tell.