Artistically Inclined: Chet Childress

We tracked Chet Childress down at his home in Portland Oregon to ask him a few questions about art, inspiration and and his alter ego.

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What inspires your style of art?

Traveling, being stuck in limbo (airplanes, bars, hotels, tours).
…drawing on napkins, barf bags, and cardboard. Nothing is ever planned for me. When I try to do something that's not spontaneous it never works out.

I know you're quick with a sharpie, but do you work in any other mediums.

Mostly pens, spray paint, spur of the moment. Whatever's lying around and depends on how stoned I get.

Has the move to Portland inspired any new ideas
or directions with your art.

Hell yea. Living in Portland inspires me so much. There is just so much youth and freedom around here.

What can you tell us about Harrison Folk?

Harrison folk is my alter ego. He seems to pop up when
I'm drunk ,tired, hungry and stealth. Thats my writer
name as well.

What’s on your plate for the rest of the day?

Well, today is Monday. My old lady is at work, I've got the house to my self for a few hours I'll probably bomb the hill and go skate Burnside, eat some tacos, drink some brews and go out skating again in the evening. I love my neighborhood…it rocks…