CK1 Aka Cory Kennedy

Cory Kennedy is another ripper from the Pacific Northwest; Lake Stevens, WA, to be exact. His rise to top of the AM ranks was so quick, and the bag of tricks he has on tap is so extensive that he’s been a virtual slap in the face to all those all those in the pro ranks who’ve been lazied by their marketed image and their taken-for-granted pay checks.

Hopefully, some of those spoiled pros have noticed and gotten back to the work ethic that made them pro in the first place. If they haven’t the biggest brands in skateboarding for sure have: Nike SB, Girl skateboards, Spitfire and RVCA are all backing the happy-go-lucky kid.

Not only is he that good, he has fun skateboarding. Most of those combinations of technical tricks he puts together have one more variation to add; a smile. And those smiling clips that he consistently gets are daggers in the careers of more than a few pro careers. Hopefully as few pros have taken notice to what the future holds and have gotten back to the work ethic that made them professional in the first, because if they don’t they’re about to swallow some dust.

Check out this cool little RVCA video (that’s a tiny bit older, but who cares) of Cory Kennedy or as one of team manger’s like’s to call him CK1:

CK1 from RVCA on Vimeo.