Darrell on Peter:
“I met Peter back in the day. He used to come down to Houston and skate with me, or I’d go up to Oklahoma to skate with him. One time when everyone came out to Houston for Make-a-Wish, afterwards everyone went to this club called Numbers. Peter’s the only guy in the club, wearing Wranglers and a Southern flag bandana on his head, just completely country to the maximum. Everybody was just hating him, but I was loving it. He was dancing and getting all the chicks, it was just super fun. That new tattoo of his, of the zombies eating each other, that just explains how crazy Peter is. He’ll just see something cool and get a tattoo of it. I mean, it’s not my deal, but I’m not Peter. He’s definitely a rad skater, a fun guy to skate with. We were homies before we got sponsored or anything, and we’d still be homies if we weren’t sponsored.”

Peter on Darrell:
“He’s always been a super cool guy since I met him. Now we get to go on tour together. He almost got arrested one time outside of Detroit because of me. We were on our way to a demo and I lit this bottle rocket and kinda threw it out the window. It shot off and almost hit this big black guy. He was like three times as big as me. He started freaking out, wanting to beat me up. The cops came, pulled out their guns and had it pointing on the dude, when all of a sudden Darrell comes walking around the side of the van with his hooded sweater on. The cops turn around and point their guns on Darrell, thinking Darrell’s with the other guy. They put Darrell in cuffs and put him in the cop car. We tried to tell the cops he was with us, but it wasn’t until 20 minutes later that they let him go. I think Darrell thought it was funny. He’s a pretty hyper dude, he just likes jumping around, flipping. He’ll run up to walls and do backflips. He’s just like a rubber dude.”