Collin Provost Is Officially Pro

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Ed greets Collin with his first pro model

The Provost family came out to wish Collin well

Collin shows his first pro board with his little bro

Collin's roomate gets jealous

Full media coverage

Collin's friends Jlay and ASmith came out

So did this gorgeous fellow

...and this bearded one...

The Toy team admires the newest pro board in their ranks

Newly married Billy Marks and veran husband Ed Templeton

Two of Toy Machines pro bros

The spread

Elijah made it out

Matt Bennettar

The tempster handing out pro boards

Collin's am settup next to his new pro one

Heath poaches the media

Solid Emerica bros

And in the end Danlu makes off with the board. Now you should go buy one