Converse’s own Tom Remillard wins the Coastal Carnage Bowl Contest

Last years second place finisher Converse skater Tom Remillard did one better in 2011 winning the Converse Coastal Carnage bowl contest in Huntington Beach this weekend at the US Open of Surfing.

The soft spoken Remillard is not the biggest fan of the spotlight in fact he struggles with anxiety skating in from of a crowd as big as the one on the beach , “I just focused on having a good time with my friends.”

For a guy who doesn’t skate contest very often he sure seemed like a seasoned vet as he pulled numerous combinations of tricks on the vert cradle including a stalefish and a backside tailslide to fakie.

The Coastal Carnage contest isn’t about the prize money for most of these guys, it’s about the opportunity to skate with the best.

This years field of skaters was arguably one of the best in bowl skating in years including the likes of legends Tony Hawk and Christian Hosoi. The future of bowl skating was out in full force including the second and third place finishers Pedro Barros and Curren Caples.

Determined to be more than just a skate icon Tony Hawk put his stamp on the competition with a fourth place finish as well as taking home the best trick honors with a “McTwist” on the skark pillar.

Tom Remillard may not be the best interview at the moment but if he continues to win contest like Coastal Carnage he’ll definitely be getting more practice with a victory speech.

2011 Converse Coastal Carnage Results

Tom Remillard $15,000
Pedro Barros $12,000
Curren Caples $8.000
Tony Hawk $7,000
Ben Hatchell $5,000

Check back for more from the Coastal Carnage bowl as Converse revealed their newest line of shoes…