Decade Of Destruction

“…This scene contains the footage of a stunt gone horribly wrong, or dramatically right depending on how you look at it…”

XYZ is a brand started by Danny Way and Tommy Caudill. XYZ began as a Skate Shop, then became a clothing company and now exists as an entertainment group (of sorts). I say that because they offer their very own, very unique style of "Entertainment." So when I got the call Saturday night to go check out the premier of the new Decade of Destruction video along with sonic metal mayhem from Downspell and Hellbringer, my curiosity forced me off the couch and into the car for a trip into the gory unknown.

Over the years XYZ has had affiliations with the likes of Danny Way, Steve-O, Trainwreck, Peter Hewitt, Mike Santa Fe, Slayer and various other Hardcore bands and people. The decade of footage from this crew of extremists has spawned one of the most intense, hardcore, brutally entertaining and unsettling films to date. The "Faces of Death" video editing style of Tyson Montrucchio, mixed tons of insane skating, a hardcore metal soundtrack and drunken stunts that would make the crew of Jackass flinch repeatedly, was the end result of a video ten years in the making.

But, before you run out to get a copy, I must make mention of a scene entitled "The Final Chapter." This contains the footage of a stunt gone horribly wrong (or dramatically right depending on how you look at it). In his endless quest for fire and alcohol, XYZ's test pilot "Pinner" goes for a ride on a flaming slip n slide. It's a ride that literally transforms him into a human torch. Though he survived the ordeal, the consequences were a two weeks in I.C.U. A monumental drain on the wallet and footage that will live to stand as a reminder to all that the consumption of large amounts of alcohol makes you drunk, not fire proof…

Danny, Trainwreck and Duncan

Pinner…Back In action

Jimmy Astelford and Tyson Montrucchio

These girls had every reason to be scared

Pinner…hide the Jack.

Ryan Simonetti a girl and Tommy Caudill

Danny and the TR.

Renee Renee and his adoring fans…

Tyson from…DOWNSPELL!