Dew Tour Long Beach 2017 is a wrap. Here’s what went down

After 3 days of skating, sweat and tears (well, maybe not the latter, but we can’t say for sure), the 2017 Dew Tour Long Beach competition has officially commenced, following the last round of competition on Sunday. Kelvin Hoefler was crowned Pro Street champion, alongside Cory Juneau as the Pro Bowl champ.

Pro Bowl Finals

The Pro Bowl podium: Cory Juneau (1st), Heimana Reynolds (2nd) and Clay Kreiner (3rd). Photo: Ortiz

Sunday’s competition saw stellar performances from the top pros competing to take home the win from the biggest event in skateboarding. During the Pro Bowl finals, Juneau impressed judges with his smooth, seemingly effortless style and tricks that included a frontside flip, frontside disaster, and front 50/50 to fakie, coming away with a score of 92.00 to clinch the win.

Notable performances from the Pro Bowl finals included 2nd place winner Heimana Reynolds absolutely shredding the bowl, straight from placing second in the 2017 National Scholastic Surfing Association Championships on Saturday.

Pro Street Finals

The Pro Street podium: Kelvin Hoefler (1st), Nyjah Huston (2nd) and Yuto Horigome (3rd). Photo: Ortiz

The Pro Street finals also featured some heavy action, with 12 skaters being narrowed down to six to start off the day.

Starting off in the Tech, Rail and Gap sections, the six top athletes from that portion of the course moved on to one 10-minute Super Final in the Gap section. Switching things up a little bit were the rails included in the Gap section for some added variety.

Hoefler pulled out the punches for his session, rattling out tricks that included a kickflip nose manual up the Euro gap, a Cab back tail to fakie and a kickflip frontside lipslide down the 9-stair rail, for a total overall score of 95.40.

"I can't put it into words…I'm so happy to win today," said Hoefler. "The setup at Dew Tour is different from any other contest. It's challenging and fun to try to do your best in each section."

In case you missed any of the action, here are the full results from the pro competitions this weekend:


1. Cory Juneau (USA), 92.00
2. Heimana Reynolds (USA), 89.00
3. Clay Kreiner (USA), 87.00
4. Ivan Caluso Federico (ITA), 83.00
5. Chris Russell (USA), 81.00
6. Willy Lara (USA), 79.00
7. Alex Sorgente (USA), 77.80
8. Tom Schaar (USA), 75.60

Zumiez Destroyer Award Pro Bowl
Chris Russell (USA)

1. Kelvin Hoefler (BRA), 95.40
2. Nyjah Huston (USA), Orange County, CA USA 22, 93.00
3. Yuto Horigome (JPN), 18, 91.40
4. Shane O'Neill (AUS), 89.20
5. Micky Papa (CAN), 84.20
6. Tommy Fynn (AUS), 80.60

Zumiez Destroyer Award Pro Street
Alec Majerus (USA)

The 2017 Dew Tour Long Beach was an action-packed weekend that left us blown away by the talent we saw. If you didn’t have a chance to make it out to the free event, NBC will be broadcasting the competition nationally on June 24 from 2:30-4 p.m. ET, June 25 from 3-4 p.m. ET and July 30 from 2-3 p.m. ET.

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