Who’s Hot | Dustin Montie

Dustin Montie
Age: 21

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Stance: Regular


DGK Skateboards (S&J Distribution)

Osiris (No Limits Distribution)

Ripzone Clothing

Thunder (S&J Distribution)

Traction Wheels

Spy Optics

Rough Riders hardware


Montie has been pushing wood longer than I can remember. Every time we go
out to film he always has a new trick that he had just learned yesterday
that he has to get on film. His progression and ability to adapt to
various obstacles is quite amazing. Whenever he is not honing his
skateboard skills, he is usually hustling your money in a game of dice.
You gotta’ watch out for D Money on tour, you'll end up gambling your money
to him. Usually he is nice enough to buy you a beer or two with his
earnings, despite that his earnings was your own a few hours ago. Overall,
I know Montie truly loves skateboarding; I see it in his eyes whenever we
spend countless hours filming in the cold winters. This footage is just a
taste of what Montie has accomplished on his board. Next time you see him,
bring cash to feed the addiction. 4,5,6 Bitch!!!

Click here to see Dustin’s Clip

Check out his full part in Underworld's newest video "Yesterday's Future."
Coming in late Summer 2006.

Words: Jarvis Nigelsky

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