DVS Goes DeXtra Large

Are your feet small? Don’t lie. Like most skateboarders you’re what? Probably a size 9 – 9.5 shoe, which means you probably only have what a 7.625 – 7.75 in. deck on you setup?

Well, the folks over at DVS have a solution for you, DeXtra Large, a system to dramatically enlarge your deck size. Now, I’ve been to tons of demos and talked to tons of skate ladies, and I can guarantee you the first thing they check out is the width of your deck. And I’ve heard the girls at Independent laugh at all the guys that order the 129 trucks. They say the 139s are just right, and the 149s are a thrill.

Now, me personally I ride an 8.25 deck, so if I go the DeXtra Large route I’ll have to start riding old school decks, or maybe even cross over to the dark side and cruise like a kook on a longboard. Anyway, check out the infomercial Tim Gavin and the crew over at DVS came up with: