Etnies Am Getting Paid Contest

Up in Edmonton, Canada the first Etnies Am Getting Paid contest just rapped up, and we have some winners that have been paid…And the lucky Canucks are. Oh wait, I don’t think I can say Canucks, Senator Edmond Muskie lost the Democratic nomination back in 72′ for using that word in a letter, apparently it offends Canadians, even though he never wrote the letter. It was a “dirty trick” by Nixon and his cronies because they didn’t want to run for re-election against Muskie. Just a little history lesson for you all.

I guess I can never run for president because I just used that word, and Nixon had nothing to do with it. Oh well, that’s probably not the only thing I’ve ever done that would keep me from being president. Anyway, check out the results and re-cap video below:


1. Mitch Phillips

2. Ty Petterson

3. Timmy Oberg