Etnies Team Signing


If you live by Brea, CA and would like one of the Etnies skate team members to write their name on something of your’s, you should cruise over to Liberty Boardshop, where they’ll be having a team signing at high noon.

Who’s going to be there, I don’t know, but the Etnies skate team consists of: Rune Glifberg, Jason Dill, Ronnie Creager, Kyle Leeper, Mikey Taylor, Sean Malto and some kid from San Clemente, I think his name is Ricky Sheckler or something. Oh wait, Ryan, yeah Ryan Sheckler, whoever that is.

Now I’m not guaranteeing any of these guys are going to be there, the flakes that they are, but that is the Etnies team so some if not all will be there. If Dill is there you should definitely go talk to him, he’s cool and weird, and shall I say Fucking Awesome!