Famous Crews from skateboarding’s great past

We know you and your crew are great and you kill it but don’t let it go to your head. You’re not the first crew to make it big. For decades there have been friends that have run together and left a mark and I’m not talking Bonnie & Clyde or The Fantastic Four. We’re talking skate crews. Here’s just a few from skateboarding’s great past:

We’re sure you’ve already learned all about these guys by watching the Dogtown documentary or the Lords of Dogtown film. This was the original skate crew. We’re sure there were surf crews on skateboards or dudes that nailed roller-skates to 2″ x 4″s before these guys but these were the dudes that set the tone for what a skate crew should be: raw, fun and unapologetic. Led by the always entertaining and charismatic Jay Adams and Tony Alva, these guys traveled the world redefining what skateboarding meant in its infancy. Over 30 years later these guys still kill it.

Bones Brigade

Started by former Z-Boy, Stacey Peralta, the Bones Brigade were skateboarding’sequivalent to The Beatles in the 1980s. Comprised of legends who still rip to this day: Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill and Tommy Guerrero this crew was all about goofing off and having a good time and you can see that attitude come through in any of the 5 videos they put out in the 80s. The Bones Brigade still serves as the template of what a marketable skate team should look and act like. Keep your eyes peeled for a feature documentary on this crew in 2012.

EMB Crew
When skateboarding shifted away from vert and ramps in the 90s towards street skating the EMB Crew was on the forefront of that movement. EMB is short for Embarcadero but it is also the name of the crew that skated the world-famous skate spot in San Francisco called The Justin Herman Plaza located at 1 Market Street in SF. The list of amazing and legendary skaters that were in that crew are far too many to list but some luminaries that you should know are Mike Carroll, Chico Brenes, James Kelch and Henry Sanchez.

Love Park Crew
As street skating continued to explode, Philadelphia became a hot spot in the late 90s mostly thanks to its unofficial skatepark: City Hall and Love Park. Located right across the street from each other in the heart of the City of Brotherly Love, Love Park and City Hall are a skaters dream with stairs, rails, ledges, floor tiles that doubled as bumps and a legendary big set of 4 stairs that went into an empty water fountain known as The Love Park Gap. During that period various crews co-existed in Philly but all used Love Park as their centralized meeting place. Some legends of the crew are Stevie Williams, Ricky Oyola, Josh Kalis, Fred Gall and Matt Reason.