Fallen Demo 10-12-06


On Saturday 10-12-06 the Fallen Team came down south to put on a demo with the help of Sun Diego. The course was first rate and set up just underneath the historic Giant Dipper Rollercoaster on the Mission Beach Boardwalk.

     Since it was a Sunday, the team took a little time getting organized and out on to the course. This was no problem, because as usual there were 50 local kids all wanting to get a chance to skate while they waited to see some action. Sun Diego obliged them, and let them get almost an hour on the course before the demo began. The minute it was announced that the team was there and ready to skate, the locals scattered off the course in a show of respect.

Though there were 7 skaters scheduled to ride, Josh Harmony was sidelined, with an injury. Tommy Sandoval was out with 13 fresh staples in his leg and Matt Bennet was just plain M.I.A. Jamie had mentioned being hurt too, but you