Globe World Cup

Globe World Cup, Melbourne, Australia

Feb. 12th 2005 in the Rod Laver arena, in Melbourne Oz, Globe shoes and Dwindle Dist. held the kick off contest for the world cup 2005 contest series. Only a week earlier the Rod Laver arena was sold out for the Australian open of tennis. This weekend it was sold out again. 15,000 people came out both days to witness some of the best pros in the world battle for $30,000 U.S. dollars. The World Cup built a beautiful bright red course that turned your wheels orange. The course was really good; there was big stuff and fun stuff with a nice flow that was good for trick after trick combo. In this his contest World Cup used a slightly different format. Each skater was given one solo run then after the last skater in the heat was done you go directly into a 20 min. It was a jam with all 6 skaters in the heat going at the same time. Tricks were getting landed left and right. This might be exciting for the crowd but it must be hard to judge. How do you see everything going on all over the course? Many times people were landing tricks at the same time. For the skaters it seemed cool. Some took their time, while some chose to just bang out trick after trick. Often the battle would be for the first one to do a certain trick on a certain obstacle. Also, the traffic was a big issue, with people skating both ways all over the place. There were some games of chicken.

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Nothing seems to shake Bastian though. Even in traffic he still pulls tricks. He broke off every part of the course. Ryan Sheckler had composer as well. Austin Seaholm has so many tricks, so many. Though it was a new addition to World Cup the jam format works well if you have a lot of tricks and you just land in volume. Vert had its own format. They built a 40-foot roll in and a 15-foot quarter pipe. They held a half hour jam session that allows as many hits as you can get, best trick wins. Jake Brown flew 15-foot method airs. PLG threw12 foot 540s, while Maniac Tas Pappas went huge and held on. Over all the people got a show. After the contest was over each day they premiered the new BLIND video for the crowd and everyone left with a smile on their face.

Street Results

1.Bastian Salabanzi
2.Ryan Sheckler
3.Austin Seaholm
4.Rick McCrank
5.Ronnie Creager
6.Rodil Jr.

Vert Best Tick

1.Jake Brown


3.Tas Pappas

Josh Evin

Jake Brown

Josh Evin