Grind King Arrivals and Departures

Grind King would like to announce the departure of two team riders. Joey Brezinski and Danny Supa left the team this month with well wishes and encouraging energy. Thanks are given to each rider for the time, grinds, and love they gave while riding for Grind King.

On a more positive note, Kevin Lewis has come back to work for Grind King. A former employee, Kevin has worked for numerous companies including Stereo Skateboards and Dwindle Distribution. He has been an vital asset to companies in sales, marketing, and team management. Grind King thanks him for finding his way back to his Venice roots to serve a second term. He will be conducting all Marketing aspects for Dark Horse Distribution.

Pioneered by Grind King owner Donald Cassel, Dark Horse has set new precedents in style and technology over the years. Grind King popularized colored trucks and was the first truck company to put graphics on trucks. Donald Cassel has been innovating and impacting the skateboarding industry for 20 years starting with the release of the world's first kingpin made specifically for grinds. The Dark Horse Distribution umbrella also includes the brands Dogtown, Termite, Marble Wheel Co., and GromMom

Grind King