Gumball 3000

The Gumball rally is an event where a group of drivers get together to spend a week driving though exotic places all over the world in very fast cars. Unlike the Cannonball Run, the Gumball is not a race. It is a rally, which for most is simply a reason to give the Lambo a tune up, cover it with endorsement stickers and have it flown to London where it will be driven for a few thousand miles. The route for this years Gumball spanned the globe. The starting line was in London on April 30th, it then continued on to Austria, Budapest, and Bangkok. After that, the cars were flown to the states where they would cross the finish line on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

On the way out to California, the rally made a pit stop at the Hard Rock Caf in Las Vegas. This gave the drivers a chance to stretch their legs, get their car washed by Hard Rock Models, and Party with Snoop Dog. Since Tony Hawk was one of the featured drivers, he decided to go ahead and throw a Vert demo in the Hard Rocks Parking lot. Now, if you've ever sat in the car on a long ride and gotten out to find out that your legs are worthless, imagine driving across the world for a week, and then getting out and having to skate for an hour straight, in front of a crowd of fans. Though most of us would probably develop a sudden and mysterious cramp. Tony took the opportunity to brush up on his triples runs and throw a few 720's for his fans. Bob Burnquist had flown out that morning (literally… Bob flew the plane) in a little Cessna with Jen O'Brien to lend support to their road weary friend. Jessie Fritch, Kevin Staab, and Matt Hoffman also came out to help ride in the demo. And, of course where there are Lamborghini's and TV cameras you'll find Bam and his crew as well as Gumball drivers Mike Vallely and BMX'r Rooftop.

After the demo, Tony clocked out early to catch up on some rest, while the rest of the crew geared up for the Gumball Party, at the Joint club inside the Hard Rock. This was very High Profile event, complete with media and red carpet. The club was about half full and every table inside was stocked with its own booze and reserved for rich European racers. Around midnight Snoop took stage and played to the whitest audience he's probably ever seen, but still managed to put on a show. The next day the Gumball crew was going to finish the rally and head to the Playboy mansion for one final celebration.