GvR Day 1

This weekend the world will finally find out whether goofy footed or regular footed skateboarders reign supreme. Friday saw registration, practice and finally, a contest in two of the bowls in the Etnies Skatepark. While the bowl dogs where warming up some of the street skaters where getting their lines down in the rest of the park. Ryan Sheckler, Nilton Neves, Carlos De Andrade and Chris Senn where but a few of the rippers being seen tearing around the park. If Friday's action is any indication, the rest of the weekend will be sick indeed.

The Grandmasters (36 and over) where the first to take to the Skull and C___ and Balls bowl. The skaters each got an intro run then it was jam format in the two bowls, skaters could use either or both. Whenever these guys skate, mayhem usually ensues. Two to five guys in a bowl at a time was the norm. Jeff Grosso was making his famous ultra-long board slides. Chris Cook was working every inch of the venue with a variety of tricks. Pat Ngoho holds his own in any snake session and got in plenty of airs and lip tricks to take third place. Mad Dog's backside and frontside smith grinds where so sick but you can't tell if it was his lines or just that Mad Dog snaked everyone to take 2nd place. There are not any bad things to say about Lance Mountain. Stalled inverts, airs, grinds and nice lines using every inch of terrain put the 40 year old Lance on top of the Grandmasters heap.

Some of the finest Crete rippers came out for the pro contest. Chris Senn had a lot of tricks over the hips up his sleeve but some bails kept him out of the top 5. Bruno Passos is the godfather of Brazilian skateboarding and he was skating so fast it was un-real, even with a broken pinky. Jimmy the Greek skates so smooth and if he would have made those frontside inverts to fakie, I bet he would have gotten on the podium. Brian Patch did body jars, backside airs, transfer lines and skated hella fast to 3rd place. "Stoked to see everyone out and pushing each other at night" said Brian Patch. Thought for sure that Omar would win with heelflip frontside airs, Madonnas, roll in to lip slides and a huge bag of other tricks. "I don't really care about the money tonight, just stoked to skate with everyone here" said Omar. If any one deserved to beat Omar, it was Benji Galloway. Benji did a sick invert to fakie to switch frontside air combo. Benji was always on and rarely off so first place went to Benji.

The bowl event was just a small part of the weekend. Come out to Etnies this weekend to check out more hot skating a village with sponsor booths and live music. Plus you will want to witness history as goofy or regular foots are declared the kings of skateboarding.

1. Lance Mountain
2. Mad Dog
3. Pat Ngoho
4. Chris Cook
5. Jeff Grosso
6. Jim Gray

1. Benji Galloway
2. Omar Hassan
3. Brian Patch
4. Jimmy The Greek
5. Bruno Passos
6. Chris Senn

Day 1 Photo Gallery