GvR Day Two

Today the teams were formed. It’s on Goofy vs. Regs. It might seem like I
shot more Regular riders but really it was the sun. If I lined up facing the
goofy footers I was shooting into the sun. It just happens that Skateboarder
is repin’ the regs stance so it all works out. I did shoot the number one
goofy qualifier young Matt Allen was ripping. So was regs number one
Qualifier Jonny Layton. Pink shoes and a camo shirt works for him. Each
rider got a one minute run and a x-tra try or two for the so called Banger.
Unless you were one of the last riders to skate because the clouds were
rolling in and it was getting cold. A minute is a long run. The format
worked because the Lake forest park is so big and perfect. Other riders
makeing the cut go as follows:

Carlos Andrade
Wagner Ramos
Fabrizio santos
Ryan Johnson
Austin Seholm
Billy Marks
Kurtis Calamonico
Leo Romero
1st. Jonny Layton

Joey Brazinski
Justin Eldridge
Kenny Anderson
Mike Santarosa
Alex Moul
Nilton Nieves
Colt Cannon
1st. Matt Allen

These guys will join the hand picked teams to battle it out for their
stance and some cash too. Stay tooned. Finals are tomorrow. The heavy
hitters are still to come. Arto Sari, Bastian, Koston,Renolds,
Kirchart,Sheckler.Who will take it. Go to lake forest to find out or check
back soon and we will tell you. REGS RULE!! Joe P.

Click here for GvR Day 2 Photo Gallery