GvR: Day 3 Finals

Goofy Versus Regular Final Day, Belongs To the Regular Footers!

The last day of the inaugural Goofy versus Regular event was banging. It all started when the fine folks at Etnies thought it would be good to find out whether goofy or regular footed skateboarders reign supreme. Jamie Owens, from Skateboarder, and Clyde Singleton coached the winners, AKA- Regular footers. The contest took place at The Etnies Skatepark, yea the same free park anyone can ride. The world's best were there to decide once and for the age old question, are goofy footers really the goofs of the skateboard world.

Being football season and all, things went a little as a football game would. A coin toss determined who went first. Things got underway with heats of five skaters from the same team taking two individual runs each. A total of fifteen skaters from each team skated this way. Then the top 5 skaters from each tem went head to head, skating in 2 ten minute quarters each. The coaches could make substitutes and so on. It was a pretty cool format.

The Goofy footers held there own through the individual runs. Eric Koston skated for the goofy team and is always a threat but a long plane flight seemed to steal his thunder. P-Rod and his switch heelflips down the 11 stair definitely helped the goofy team. Overall, though, Colt Cannon was deemed the MVP of the goofy footers. When the individual session was over, the regulars led by 41 points, not bad considering the score was 1161 to 1119.

The jam session was another story though. The regular footers completely crushed it. Both the crowd and the skaters knew it. Bastien Salabanzi led the goofy charge and seemed to forge an amazing flow of tricks and the rest of the team backed him up with some sickness of their own. Leo Romero and Kurtis Colamonica were a big part of the Regular footed victory but Bastien was the clear MVP for the regular footers. Backside flips, big flips, cab kick flips, double kick flips, and a big flip to front board to fakie down the rail were just a few of the tricks that had everyone amazed at Bastien's runs. Final score Regular-2020.5, Goofy-1916.5.

So, are regular footers really kings of the pile? Today would indicate that they are but next year, don't write goofy's off. This may not be settled for good.

Goofy Versus Regular
Regular – team gets $1,000 ea
Goofy – team gets $500 ea

Regular – Bastien Slabanzi $1,000
Goofy – Colt Cannon $1,000

Top five individual results
1. Bastien Salabanzi $10,000
2. Kurtis Colamonica $5,000
3. Leo Romero $2,500
4. Johnny Layton $2,000
5. Chris Senn $1,500

Hometown Heroes
1. Steve Fauser
2. Rick Eusey
3. William Pardy

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