Hipsters and Hulksters



Keeping with the muscle theme of the past week I bring you this. Recently the RVCA skate team manager, Jimmy, and team rider, Leo Ramero, showed their inner-Hulkamaniac and rolled with Hulk Hogan himself. The best part of the whole thing is this line, straight from the RVCA website:

Here?s where it gets cool. Basically, the Hulkster knew we were just about as cool as him, and said that if we hopped the fence that he would takes us in with him?so we did of course. Also, when we were walking up to the cart with him, this guy asked him who we were, and the Hulkster simply replied, ?there fuckin? Hulkamaniacs.?, and the guy didn?t say another word.

For more coverage including a Hulk sized load of Hulkmaniac photos go to http://www.rvca.com/skate/?cat=1