Hsu Cracks His Skull

We were in France, Lake Ancee to be exact, on one of the many Osiris tours in the summer of 2004. We just finished a big demo in town at a cool concrete park on the banks of a Lake Ancee. After your usual crowd-pleasing demo for thousands of kids, we jumped into our speedboats and wisped across the lake back to our waterfront cabins. At the cabin we were to have a bbq/demo “skate, drink, and eat if you want” type of event- the kind of no pressure event that everybody looks forward to during the middle of a long European tour.

It started off with a couple of ledge tricks, and then Louie (Barletta) and Clint (Peterson) started to do some crowd pleasers. Louie had his focus on a quarter pipe, where he began his torrent of tricks. Jerry started to session it as well doing his usual bag of tricks. Jerry then noticed a railing that was 5 feet high and four feet back from the lip of the quarter pipe. At first it sounded like a joke, "I'm going to hop up here and bean plant in." Before we knew It, he started to really go for it, hopping up on the 2″ wide railing and jumping back into the tranny. Every time he would plant his foot on the railing the ramp would tip back. It’s one of those times when you want to tell somebody to stop, however, the filmers and photographers started to take out their equipment making Jerry try even harder. Something really big or really bad was about to happen.

Bean Plant on the rail.

Jerry had some valiant attempts leaning just a tad either way from perfection. Then it happened. With the ramp tipping, Jerry overcompensated the landing, making him fly from the top of the ramp backwards right on his head (let’s do the math for a second – 6 foot quarter pipe + 5 foot railing + Jerry's height 5' 7″= not good) I was close enough to hear his head split open, and Jerry was out for the count.

People ran from every direction to see if he was all right. Louie, usually the carefree, “whatever” kind of guy, was like "Get the fuck back, get away, don’t move him." Luckily a French doctor was near by. After a few moments Jerry came to. Before the paramedics loaded him into the ambulance, he asked where his camera was. I looked around, grabbed it, and was about to hand it back to him. I told him I shot some photos with my own camera (you’re probably looking at them right now), but the thing that threw me for a loop was that Jerry asked, "Can you take a picture with my camera?" "Sure man, whatever," I said. He throws up the peace sign, I snap the photo, I give him the camera, and off to the hospital he goes. Jerry left some nice remnants of clotting blood on the pavement and a bunch of parents that will never let their kids touch a skateboard (well at least not without a helmet).

Why this story about France, bean plants, and clotting blood? Well pick up the ENJOI video, "Bag Of Suck". Inside the cover is the shot of Jerry throwing up the peace sign with a neck brace. I know Jerry has taken many falls and many a photo, but we just figured you’d like to know the story behind the peace sign.


Jerry’s DNA….did someones say Ebay?
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