Hybridation, a Fred Mortagne Film

Hybridation is now playing live on redbull.com/skateboarding. For some background info on the project, read below.

“The idea behind “Hybridation” was to mix video and photography. I’ve been shooting on both mediums for a very long time, and I always like to mix them up whenever it’s possible. I will always use both mediums because it’s totally impossible for me to make a choice, they are both different, and yet can be so complementary. I constantly juggle with them because none of them are perfect.

With photography, you get to really see the key instant of a trick, and have time to watch what’s around it, the spot, the environment. But it is also lacking so much information, that you can provide with videography: the motion, the speed, the style, the dynamics…

Shooting video in a photographic manners was a way to explore the combination of the two mediums, creating some sort of photographs in motion, with strong graphical compositions without minimum camera motion. Another secondary idea behind this was to bring an alternative to the classical esthetics of skateboard videos, with the traditional fisheye shots, and the recent over-use of crane and dolly shots.

When I first started shooting this way, I was working for Cliché Skateboards, but there wasn’t any set project. At some point they needed to make a commercial with Lucas Puig, I had a specific idea in mind that we could never make, so I had to use what I had in stock. It was gonna be a one shot, but the commercial got so succesfull that we kept on making some for the other Cliché riders. These commercials were in color, while my intentional idea behind this new way of filming was to turn everything in b&w, so it would have a similar feel as my well known photography.

Therefore I always planned to make a more personal edit that came to life for Public Domaine, a big collective exhibition a round skateboarding, that took place in Paris at La Gaité Lyrique. The video was projected on a suspended screen composed by 63 white skateboard decks. The effect created was very strong and the audience loved it.” -Fred Mortagne