Iconic skateboarder Rodney Mullen on ‘Getting Back Up Again’

The Slam. It's a hated yet always-there part of skateboarding. For some, the wipeout is an aspect of skateboarding that makes you want to quit. For others, like the iconic Rodney Mullen, it's the slam that defines who you are as a skateboarder and a person.

Rodney Mullen, who was named the third-most influential skateboarder ever by TransWorld Skateboarding, has slammed as hard as anyone (excluding this horrific mega ramp crash by Jake Brown), and has the scars to prove it. In fact, doctors had told him that his body was akin to someone who had been in a car crash and that his career was over. At one point he could barely walk—much less skate. But it wasn't his injuries that defined him, it was his will to heal, and after what sounds like torturous rehab, Mullen was back on board and as good as ever. Mullen credits his recovery to the mantra of "getting up after falling down," and how, "it's the heart that propels the body, and without it, we aren't going anywhere." Words of wisdom from one of skateboarding's best ever.

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