Inventor builds flamethrower skateboard hybrid that looks highly dangerous

Internet DIY inventor/skateboard enthusiast Mike Warren, recently decided to build a skateboard capable of producing a flame trail behind it (reminiscent of the DeLorean in Back to the Future).

“Nothing makes more of a scene when you hit the streets than flames from your skateboard,” Warren wrote on his website explaining how he came to make this crazy contraption. “Whether you’re pulling new tricks, or carving downhill, shooting a flame trail behind you is sure to turn heads and get people talking.”

Warren definitely isn’t wrong — if you were to show up at your local skatepark shooting flames out of your skateboard, people would certainly talk about you. But how much of the buzz would be people simply expressing their immediate concern for your (and their) physical health?

But — according to Warren’s website — those concerns would be misplaced: Despite how dangerous it looks, Warren insists it’s perfectly safe.

DIY flamethrower homemade skateboard flamethrower skateboard

Warren says shooting a flame trail out of your skateboard will turn heads. That is a pretty safe bet.

“Though it might seem extreme, there’s little danger of anything going too wrong,” Warren writes. “The fuel tank isn’t under pressure, and there’s only 10 ounces of fuel on board at a time.”

While that sounds good in theory, we here at GrindTV suggest that you don’t try this at home.

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