iPath Wins Shootout At Woodward West

iPath Wins Shootout At Woodward West

The Ipath team has cinched the title of Woodward West’s 2011 Shootout at Woodward West video contest.

Woodward West invited skate teams to film a Web edit during their visit at Woodward West to compete in the Shootout contest. More than 8,000 viewers voted on their favorite edit, accounting for 50 percent of final result scores; a judging panel’s voting accounted for the remaining 50 percent.

The Ipath video was a unanimous first-place choice among the judging panel, earning iPath a $5,000 first prize.

“Our week at Woodward West was awesome, because we get to skate together all day. The vibes are great when everyone is flying around the Hangar and even the filmers, photographers, and team managers can’t help but shred,” said Ipath Team Manager Dave Smith. “Staying together in one big room at the lodge was awesome because it felt like indoor camping. We’re definitely coming back next year to defend the title. We’re working on a synchronized MegaRamp routine!”

Final Shootout at Woodward West results are as follows:
1. Ipath- $5,000
2. 1031- $4,000
3. Toy Machine- $3,000
4. Osiris- $2,000
5. World Industries- $1,000