Kyle Berard

My first memories of Kyle Berard was of seeing this young kid who was super consistant and could throw the kickflip front boards at will. This was about five or six years ago when flipping into a front board was something that really set you apart from the pack…

What was it like in those days, being so young, and getting that kind of attention?

It was fun meeting all of the skateboarders my friends and I looked up too. When I was younger I was drawn to the contests because I loved watching everyone skating in real life. I kind of just fell into the contest scene and I made a lot of good friends over the years. I still skate contests and get to hang out with the same guys. Lately I have been going on filming trips with world industries.

Where are you from?

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Where do you live now?
I am trying to buy a place in Virginia, but I have been traveling so much this year that it has been kind of hard to do. I am also pretty indecisive about where I want to end up. Being in LA, this seems like the place I might end up soon. I always thought California would be too much pressure for me, but lately I have been meeting more friends out here and it makes me feel a little more comfortable.

When did you first turn pro, and who was it for?
I am pretty sure I turned pro for Hurley first and then Chapman.

Did that have anything to do with you being dubbed the "Man-child"?
I have a beard just about every other minute and I don’t really keep up with it. I don’t shave all that often because I know it will come right back. It is like when I was younger and didn’t want to make my bed because I knew I was going to sleep in it again. Maybe I should keep up with it though because I don’t think that mentality is the healthiest way to go about things.

Was there pressure from your sponsors to move out west?
Yes, there has been over the years. I think I have been putting pressure on myself lately to do so. It feels good this time around. It must be the people around me. The Dwindle dudes are great and we have a lot of fun skating together.

Kick Flip

Is it hard for a pro skater to function living on the East coast?

I guess so, in some aspects, but I have been traveling so much lately that I don’t really have a home base east or west. It is easier to communicate in person rather than on the phone or e mail. There are of couse way more filmers and photographers on the west, but before I never knew any of them. Now I know some and I understand the opportunities out here.

Tell us about you're Skateshop.

My dad and I started Cardinal skateshop in Virginia about a year and a half ago. I work there when I am home, but he pretty much runs the show. Lately a few cool things have been happening that made us realize that kids actually respect our shop and what we are trying to do. One being about a month ago a kid came in and stole some shoes. Obviously that kid doesn’t care whether our shop survives but, another one of our customers found the kid at the local skatepark about an hour later. The customer roughed up the kid and took his shoes off of his feet. We knew who the kid was and of course what he stole and that was all the guy needed to hear. Within an hour we had our shoes back. The shoes had a few scuff marks on them when we got them back, but it was the thought that counted. My friend Gibbs told me we should put the kid who got our shoes back on the team.

Lien to Tail

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