King Of The Ramp

King of the Ramp 2006

"One of the sickest battles in skateboarding!"

How can you party all night long, get up in the morning and skate a 20 – minute marathon run?? I don't know….I rarely have seen a session with so much energy and so many bad slams while trying a trick. But no one of the 15 riders gave up before the last trick was done! Everybody was on fire and gave a 100%….At this point I have to mention Benni Buchwald who totally destroyed his shoulder during the practise session. Anyway he skated his run with a broken shoulder and showed the biggest transfers of the weekend and an incredible fs 360 over the spine. Get well soon buddy!

The winner of this year's battle was an unbeatable Jrgen Horwarth from Berlin (Germany). On the second place the double champion of the last two years Roman Hackl from Vienna (Austria) and on the 3rd place for the 3rd time Roman Astleitner from Kufstein.

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The "best tricks" went to David Martelleur from Belgium with a bs tail revert and a finger flip to tail at the extension and also to Stefan Atzl with a smith grind revert in the taco! The party award definitely went to the guys from Czech Republic, Ferit Bartir, David Martelleur, Oliver Gordon and Andi Fugger.

Big thanks go to all our sponsors, the bands for the good Party Sound (Mono & Nikitaman / Eklatant / Soulpollution), the press guys covering our event and to all the riders making this weekend so special! This was how skateboarding should be and I'm sure you will keep these three days in mind!

See you all for round 4 next year ….

Here are the 2006 results to make it official. But believe me everyone skated so well that a ranking actually does not make any sense!

1) Jrgen Horwarth (Ger)
2) Roman Hackl (Aut)
3) Roman Astleitner (Aut)
4) Oliver Gordon (Aut)
5) Ralf Edlinger (Aut)
6) Sascha Biehaule (Aut)
7) Stefan Atzl (Aut)
8) David Martelleur (Bel)
9) Manuel Knoflach (Aut)
10) Martin Jursek (Cz)
11) Kamil Po (Cz)
12) Ferit Batir (Aut)
13) Andreas Fugger (Aut)
14) Benjamin Buchwald (Aut)
15) Adrian Buchwald (Aut)

Best Tricks: David Martelleur (Fingerflip to Tail / Extension) and Stefan Atzl (Smith Grind Revert / “Taco”)
Worst slam: Benni Buchwald

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