Knife Show: A crew to be reckoned with

Now this is a fun crew! Made up lensmen, Mike Benson and Casey Wrightsman. These guys come from a snowboard background and they made a name for themselves with their Star Wars themed snow video, Gnar Wars.

For their Chosen submission they teamed up with their LA local skate homies Anthony Estrada, John Herrera, Jeffrey Garcia, Gilbert Estrada and Dylan McLaughlin and hit up the famous Venice and Stoner Skateparks to show off some serious ripping.

With great production value, great skating and good vibes this is definitely a team to watch out for.

We hope Mike & Casey keep submitting and come up with a skate video that can top the creativity of Gnar Wars because with over 200,000 views that’s the type of viral video that could really win The Chosen contest.

Good first submission, guys.

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