Koston Endorses New Technology From The Swoosh

Nike SB has just released the Zoom FP skate shoe. Now, the skate community has accepted Nike from the start with the Dunks and the first Jordans, and all those other classic shoes that were good to skate in as well as steezy. That said, every time Nike tries to bring in the technology that they’ve acquired from research in their other sports, technology that looks a bit odd in terms of skateboarding shoes, the skate community is like, “Um…”

Street skateboarding happens on the streets. Duh, but the thing is when you’re on the streets is it’s all about style. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant may wear some crazy, furturistic kicks on the court, but when they’re out on the town you can be guaranteed their feet scream steez. And for the most part technology-forward, space-aged footwear isn’t very stylish when it comes to casually cruising the town.

Get it. Skateboarding’s community thinks of itself in terms of style and art more so than that of sport. If a few minor features of a shoe are going help out only marginally, it isn’t worth it if it’s going to affect how the skater looks on film and in pictures.

OK, so back to the Nike SB Zoom FP. The boys up in Oregon have tried once again to give skateboarding footwear some new modern “sport” features. This time keeping it as subtle and fashion friendly as they could. And maybe more importantly, endorsed by a skateboard god, Mr. Eric Koston.

This is a guy who has always encouraged progression in the design of his shoes. A few of his shoes on eS were light- years ahead of anything seen at the time in skateboarding, and, he, if anyone can get away with it. “Froston” is one of the most respected people in skateboarding, and can single handily get people to buy things buy simply saying, “these are cool.”

Nike SB has set up a mini-site to get across everything that is the Zoom FP. They have the technological benefits, colors and testimonials on display. There’s a video of Koston explaining what went into the shoe, and a funny commercial featuring him, Daryl Angel and Ishod Wair going though airport security with their new shoes. There’s even a cameo by Chet Childress as airport security. Click here to check it out.