LAPD allegedly beats up skateboarder for skateboarding

Here we have yet another case of what looks like police officers using excessive force on the very citizens they are paid to protect. These types of incidents often go undocumented because, in the end, it’s some skater’s word against a cop’s, and without some sort of proof it’s impossible to argue. Thanks to new technology like cell phone cameras, the reality of these situations is occasionally being brought to light.

The KTLA-5 news clip below shows 20-year-old Venice, California, resident Ronald Weekley Jr. being pinned down by four police officers after being arrested for allegedly skateboarding down the wrong side of the street. That’s right, arrested. In addition to this, Weekley says he was punched in the face four times, breaking his nose and cheekbone and causing a concussion. He was also held in jail over the weekend. The police claim that Weekley was resisting arrest, according to the clip, but Weekley says the video speaks for itself.

This incident comes just a week after the LAPD announced a new law that is aimed at stopping “unsafe skateboarding” with new fines of up to $500.

The LAPD’s internal affairs are reportedly looking into the matter.