Johnny Layton: Movin’ On Up.

After a busy year of skating, filming and travelling the world, Johnny takes a little time to enjoy the spoils of his work. He’s knows 2006 will be full of more travelling, more filming and a big promotion to the Pro ranks of Toy Machine.

So how’s it living in Corona these days
Actually I just moved to Long beach, now I live across the street from John Bradford (Skateboarder magazine Photographer) and two doors down from Kevin Barnett the Toy Machine filmer, Josh Harmony lives out there, and so does Austin Stephens, so we have pretty much the whole Toy Machine team living there…

Was that your motivation for picking long Beach?

Yeah, I was looking around Costa Mesa, but it's just so easy to wake up, walk out side and say “Hey you wanna' go skate?” and that's it. Plus you got all those spots. The Bellmont ledges are right there and they're so good.

So are you homeowner now?

Naw, for right now I'm just a renting, its cool though, it’s a three bedroom house. I got my own backyard, and it all refurbished.

So when do you start building the ramp in the backyard?

There’s enough room in the backyard to build one, but I don’t think they’ll let me. I told the guy (landlord) ” Yeah that's what I do, I skateboard everyday”, and he’s like ” Alright man, just don’t skate on the property".

so no flat bars in the driveway.


Are you sad not to wake up and see Billy (Marks) everyday?

(Laughs) Awh Man….

Is he still out in Corona?

Yeah, he’s still stuck out there. I mean I’m glad that I got out of there because I was raised with a mom that was a super-clean and a neat person and so that’s how I am now…I’m kinda' like a girl in the way I live. I’ll wake up, clean things, sweep do what I gotta' do, but at Billy’s house it was such a mess. I would walk out of my room and it was instant Old beer smell and I’d look downstairs and I wouldn’t know the person sleeping on the couch and they're would be random people hanging out. On the nights that I would party…Awh man, it’d get out of control, but I’m glad that I got that kinda, shit out of my system.. So now I can chill and relax in my new place and just skate. Im filming for two video parts this year.

What videos?

The new Toy Machine video comes out in October, and then there’s a Vans video coming out next December. So those are two videos I have to work my ass off for. it’s gonna' be constant traveling, I’m going to Australia in Febuary again.

Who are you heading to OZ with?

I’m going with Vans from Febuary to March, and the trip ends at Dustin Dollin's wedding, So I’m gonna' get to see his side of the family, which should be pretty interesting. Then I got to England, Spain and Greece with Toy Machine in March, and then back to Australia in April with Toy machine.

Is your passport full yet.

Almost…I've only had my passport for like a year and a half, and it’s almost full.
It’s like I get home, have just enough time to relax get some boards and get back out and go on another trip.

Do you mind living out of a suitcase.

I’m kinda' used to it by now. I do really enjoy it, You get to see parts of the world that not many people ever get to see.We might be heading to the Caymans and Cuba too, I’m really looking forward to it.

Got any Brian Young Stories for me?….

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