Learn how skateboarding is helping autistic kids

Crys Worley noticed when she bought her then 5-year-old son Sasha Worley his first skateboard that it actually helped him connect with his younger brother. A few years later, Crys started the Askate Foundation in the parking lot of an Alabama church and today they are helping autistic kids through skateboarding.

Askate was invited to partake in the recent Dew Tour at Long Beach and the event couldn’t have gone better. As Crys says, “Skateboarding is similar to other therapies. They’re learning how to control their bodies and motions.”

Getting some of the top pros from Dew Tour involved with Askate, the results are clear that Askate is arming kids who need help gaining the tools they to deal with autism. Worley has seen children grow tremendously in the program, including her own son.

Learn more about Askate and get involved here.

The Askate Foundation at Dew Tour.

The Askate Foundation at Dew Tour.

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