LISTS: The Curtains

The last trick in some major videos:

Dying to Live: Jamie Thomas, frontside boardslide on a rail

Yeah, Right!: Eric Koston, 360 flip noseblunt slide on the San Marcos rail

Sorry: Arto Saari, switch flip the Santa Monica triple set

Really Sorry: Mark Appleyard, 360 flip noseslide Lyon hubba

Chomp on This: Gabe Morford, 50-50 on the Clipper ledge

Photosynthesis: Danny Way, varial rodeo flip

Hot Chocolate: Marc Johnson, fakie nosegrind big spin out on an up ledge

P.J. Ladd's Wonderful Horrible Life: P.J. Ladd, 360 flip on flat

Battalion: Paul Machnau, Smith grind on a handrail

The DC Video: Danny Way, record-breaking backside air on the Mega Ramp

The DC Video Deluxe Edition: Danny Way, heelflip frontside lipslide on super ramp rainbow rail over gap.

This Is Skateboarding: Andrew Reynolds, frontside flip the SF 16

Man Down: Marc Johnson, switch hardflip to backtail on a ledge

Menikmati: Eric Koston, backside noseblunt slide the Bricktown rail.

Chichagof: Geoff Rowley, fronstside flip to tail revert on a miniramp

Mosaic: Danny Garcia, nollie gap to crook on the Brea double set

Subject to Change: Louie Barletta, fronstide 360 kickflip off a three block

Can't Stop: Rodrigo Tx, switch flip Suski grind on UCI rail

Antisocial: Rick McCrank, fronstside flip over Clipper steps

That's Life: Corey Duffell, back tail down a big rail.

Questionable: Danny Way, backside 360, Sports Arena double set

Virtual Reality: Danny Way, frontside flip bump to steps

Hocus Pokus: Danny Way, nollie 360 shuvit

Shackle Me Not: Danny Way and Tony Magnusson skating doubles.

Welcome to Hell: Jamie Thomas, 50-50 handrail

Mouse: Guy Mariano, Switch shove-it to crooked grind, Venice bench