THE LIST: Senn’s Hawaii

The 10 Things Chris Senn Loves About Hawaii

1. The Ocean
"The first thing I love about living in Hawaii would be the ocean. The water is warm and I surf almost everyday."

2. The Countryside
"I love the fact that there is not a big city here. It’s a small town kind of thing."

3. The Kava
"Kava is a Polynesian drink that originated in Fiji. It’s relaxing, like you drank a couple of beers but you’re not drunk."

4. The Seafood
"The fish here is insane. Mahi mahi is the best and the shrimp and lobster is also insane, and super cheap."

5. The Skating
"The Volcano skatepark. It’s built on top of the volcano. The volcano is always spewing lava out slowly. I guess it could erupt, but I just don’t think about it."

6. Anonymity
"I love the fact that here no one knows or cares who I am."

7. My Family
"It’s cool that my whole family lives here. Most of them work with my wife on the sailboat."

8. The Freedom
"It’s nice that I can let my kids run around freely. They pretty much can go anywhere they want to go. I mean, it’s an island, there’s nowhere for them to go."

9. The Weather
"The weather is perfect. It hardly ever drops below 80 degrees and never rises above 90."

10. My Art
"I have an art studio here so I can paint anytime I want without any distractions."

The 10 Things Chris Senn Misses About Norcal

1. My Homies
"I miss all my friends. I miss the Bay area brotherhood and sisterhood.

2. The Skateparks
"I miss the Grass Valley park and all the parks in Norcal. Grass Valley especially, because we dug it up ourselves and helped to design it.

3. The Snow
"I used to go to Tahoe and snowboard. You can snowboard in Hawaii but it’s a full mission."

4. The Burritos
"Oh, the super good Mexican food. You can’t beat the SF burrito spots, man. It’s hard to get good Mexican food in Hawaii."

5. The Hills
"I really wish I could be skating the hills in San Francisco. I especially miss Backside 9th. (Sick downhill run from the top of the Sunset district all the way down to the beach)."

6. Oregon
"It was nice to go up to the Oregon skateparks. That’s not in Norcal, but it was convenient and fun to make trips up there."

7. Travel Time
"It would be great to fly places without an extra five hours added to it every time."

8. Art Scene
"The Bay Area has a great art scene. More people are into painting and taking photos and putting together art shows. It’s kind of hard to get stuff like that going here in Hawaii."

9. The Films
"At any given time in Norcal you could catch a good independent movie. All the movies that play in Hawaii are the mainstream Hollywood blockbusters. I miss being able to go the little theatres and watch an independent film."

10. Watering Holes
"Man, I miss all the cowboy bars in Grass Valley."