Mehring’s Bearings Presents: Slappy Sundays in NYC.

Every Sunday in NYC there is an event called Slappy Sundays. Basically a bunch of skaters gather at Astor Place and enjoy an afternoon of cruising around the city doing slappy oriented tricks while hitting up local spots and bars along the way. Billy Rohan is there in a mobile skate shop truck with a megaphone heckling tourists and other non suspecting passersby. I went across the river to check out the scene this past Sunday and see what ensued.

-Jonathan Mehring

Joel Meinholz - slappy back tail

Joel gives his approval of Curtis Rapp's frontside slappy on the famous Astor Place curb

Zered Bassett - bike jump

Never trust the Man.

Zered slashes a mean one.

Billy's cutting wit was one of the afternoon's highlights.

Slappy Art