MORINformed’s Top Things That May Of Happened On Beauty And The Beast 2

OK, so the second Girl/Anti hero tour, also known as Beauty And The Beast II, is wrapping up and I’m sure some shit went down. Like the first tour they probably have tons of footage, and we’ll get to see our fair share of park destruction and wilderness hyjinx when the video comes out. Until, then we’ll have to leave it to our imaginations.

Here’s 10 things that may of happened. Once again this stuff may not of happen, it’s 10 THINGS THAT MAY HAVE HAPPENED:

1. Koston was tied up by the Anti Hero guys with Vans and Vox laces, and forced to watch evey pair of his Nikes burned. Until, Brian Anderson who’s also on Nike, and is fucking huge, came to his rescue.

2. Marc Johnson got drunk and passed out in the van before they got to a demo.

3. Brian Anderson broke all his and the rest of the Girl team’s boards.

4. Tony Trujillo and Frank Grewer showed the LA guys how to skate concrete-gnar-transition-parks.

5. John Cardiel did some fixie tricks.

Photo: Barrie Bloor via

6. Alex Olson complained.

7. Mike Carroll accessorized.

8. Andrew Allen ran out of socks, and was forced to skate without his socks pulled up to his knees for once.

9. Girl traded Malto for Robbie Russo.

10. The Anti Hero team’s Wizard staffs were bigger.

Photo: Patrick O’dell via