New Lakai Website

In case you don’t go to every skate website there is, every second of the day, you should know that Lakai’s got a new site. So, that’s what making the best skate video ever gets you. Well, here’s a MJ’s team page if you want to see the rest go to

Beautiful (hit me three times baby)
Dazed and Confused
Edgar Cayce
Flight of The Conchords
Gin-soaked Boy
Holographic Wizardry
Julien Stranger
Kenny Anderson’s floor mats
Listen, Silver Steps…
Maggie Gyllenhall
Neil Young
the ‘O‘ face
Pliny the Elder
Sweet Emotion
Teddybear Reda
Under The Cherry Moon
V For Vendetta
Whole Foods? Try ‘Whole Paycheck’
Xylophone Ringtone
Yad Staba
Zian Anderson