411 13.3

Check Out the trailer for 411 13.3 here.

GET READY!! 411 Volume 13, Issue 3 features some of the best skate footage the industry has ever seen, with banging cast of skaters combined with the production quality of 411 that sets the industry standard.
After getting amped on another jaw-dropping Openers segment, Popwar comes through with Total Chaos featuring Justin Strubing, Cairo Foster, Kenny Reed and the rest of the Popwar Team.
But hey, What About Rob? Pack your bags as Rob Gonzalez travels everywhere from Mexico to Europe, bringing you some of the smoothest skating you'll see anywhere. And speaking of smooth, Meet The Barkers showcases Popwar Am Mike Barker. Like the television show, he's soon to be a household name.
The next time you're in Texas, Don't Mess With Guru. Creation Am Guru Khalsa comes through with some of the cleanest, most powerful skating, direct from the Lone-Star State.
Popwar Pro Chad Tim Tim fumbles his way through an amazing segment in Good Times Gone Chad.
And now it's time to hold onto your hats… SCS partners Florentine Marfaing and Alex Carolino come blazing through with some of the one of the best parts 411 has ever put down, simply titled Flo 'N Alex!! You gotta see it to believe it!

All this doesn't come by itself. 411 fills you in on the contest circuit with segments on the Bowlriders Contest in Marseilles, France; the FTC Contest in San Francisco, CA and the Fourstar Hubba Free Sunday Contest in Valencia, CA. In addition, you'll get to participate in the much-anticipated Versus Contest as Round 1 begins here! You'll also be treated to a Subtitled Chaos, for those learning the names of their favorite skate tricks.

But 411 wants to make sure you get your money's worth. So we've added a poster, a free music CD Sampler, a Product Guide, a 32-pg. 'zine AND kept the price under 20 bucks! What a deal!