Nike Eric Koston 2 Shoe Party Photos

Photos: Jonathan Mehring & Jaime Owens
Check out our photo recap of the Nike Eric Koston 2 Shoe party at Sixth & Mill featuring Koston, Malto, P-Rod, Staba and more. #thelegendgrows.

The #LATWINS Ako & Atiba with the ROD.

Staba drove Koston into the party in a golf cart. Definite DUI.

The only skater that can get away with a golf themed skate party.

Dawes and Staba

Selego and Clint

Jason Hernandez and Shimizu with their ladies.

Malto and Nike’s Hunter Muraira

Worrest was there.

Colin Clark, DLX’s Darin Howard and Roger Bagley

Straight Outta Torrance. Sam Newman, Hunter and The Mez.

Bob and Mic-E

Photo nerds, Mehring, Reda and Colen. What ISO are you shooting at?


Party’s thinning out…that’s a wrap. Thanks Eric and all the Nike boys for a sweet party.