Nike Sixth and Mill/P-Rod VI Shoe Launch Party

Last night Nike opened their doors to their new Sixth and Mill private skatepark as well as launched Paul Rodriguez’s new shoe “P-Rod VI“. The party was put together fantastically by Nike and it’s affiliates with a maze, Nike history, photos, video, free food and drinks and a show by Killer Mike. Check out the photos from the event.

Right when you walk into Nike’s Sixth and Mill you walk through a maze of Nike and Paul Rodriguez history presented in old computer boxes.

You take a stroll down memory lane with the P-Rod I

P-Rod II


P-Rod IV

P-Rod V

And finally the new P-Rod VI

The man of the hour, Paul Rodriguez.

Nike put together an amazing photo gallery in the middle of the maze with big prints and lots of small ones you can zoom into with a sliding magnifying glass down at the end.

This was such a sick set up. Backlit construction barriers with shoes and photos. Amazing idea!

This is what makes up a Nike shoe.

Nike’s lensmen extraordinaire Jason Hernandez and his lady Christine.

I have no idea how our intern Cody Lisch got into the party but he was having a good time.

Mr. super up-and-comer Johan Stuckey.

Mr. future Dad Mikey Taylor.

The party was bumpin with lots of Nike projected on the walls.

“Not another old staff photo” – Aaron Meza and Ben Colen. Sorry bros, had to do it.

Daryl Angel.

Warm up photo. Had to post this because of Ryan Flynn‘s face. Priceless.

Ben Colen, Scuba Steve Chalme, Ryan Flynn, Cullen Poythress and Lance Mountain.

One of the nicest guys in skateboarding, Theotis Beasley.

#skateeverydamnday projected on the wall.

More Nike projections.

Another up-and-comer Christian Malouf.

Everyone’s favorite Austyn Gillette hanging out at the bar.

The show has begun.

Killer Mike was indeed killing it!

Party time for the crowd. Work time for Jason Hernandez. Bro time for Ryan Flynn and Scuba Steve Chalme.

Killer Mike heating it up.

Mikey and Paul. Paul was in the middle of pulling Mikey away to show him something. I don’t think he knew I was taking a photo. Mikey was into it though.

Nike’s Sixth and Mill. Good stuff boys!