Orange Juice and Anarchy – The Surf Expo Chronicles

Mikey G and DJ Wade.

Last week was a very busy one for …MORINformed, I had to recover from ASR, be at the Boost Mobile Pro, go to the Surfer Poll Awards, recover from the Surfer Poll Awards, then get on a plane and go to Surf Expo in Orlando.

Expo was a good ol’ sloppy time as usual, business got done, connections were made, and Volcom raged hard as usual. It’s funny because I heard two middle aged women talking as they passed the Stone booth on their way to the “No Fun Zone,” that’s what I call the back area of Expo where all the none surf/skate/snow companies are.

Well anyway, the one chick said to the other, “They come every year, make a giant mess and get as drunk as they possibly can,” and that’s exactly what happened this year. She is forgetting one thing though, they get business done, they’re probably a bigger company than whatever she’s a part of.

Besides getting loose in the Diner I walked around and checked out some of the weird shit that people actually think will sell. This on lady gave me a pair of sunglasses with a visor attached to them and told me they’re the next big thing. I cruised around with them on for little bit, until I ran into the Electric guys who weren’t too stoked on them. They knocked them off my head and stopped on them, so I guess I’m not going to be a part of the next big thing.

Stay tuned for more of the Surf Expo chronicles including: the Volcom Am Jam, the …LOST fake out premier and more randomness.

Here’s some photos all taken by …MORINformed:


Sticky and DJ Wade.



You can’t fuck with the waffle sole, or Vans waffles on a stick.

Electric destroying the viser shades. Check out the lurkers in the back.

The massage booth.

Sticker giveaway at the Volcom booth.