Orcas Island

This year's August contest schedule focused heavily on the Pacific North West. This meant that there would be lots of skateboarders traveling from Oregon, through Washington State up to Canada on their way to slam City Jam…

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Coincidentally, myself, Roger Harrell and our buddy Mark Takahashi had decided to head to Washington State for our end of summer Vacation. We were all eager to explore the vast amounts of concrete that had been poured and molded over the last few years. We never could have expected the good times that awaited us.

The last stop on our trip was Orcas Island. And after 5 days of nonstop park-hopping we were ready to skate, camp and relax on the Island for a few days. As we pulled into the Ferry station to cross the Puget Sound to Orcas, we found out that we had missed the 2:00 ferry and would be stuck at the car, in a line, waiting for the next ferry due to arrive in three hours. Just as our smiles were starting fade, I spotted Rhino, one of our photographers who stepped out from behind a van…

I literally blurted…”Whoa, Is that Rhino?” As if there was anyway you could get him confused…he’s six foot four in a camoflouge shirt. I knew he wouldn't be alone, but I didn't expect what was coming next. It turned out Rhino was there with Kyle Berard, Mike Petersen, Black Label stow-aways Omar Hassan, Chet Childress and a few others from the World Industries Team. Chad Shetler from Lost Enterprises had rented a big RV to get Paul Zitzer, Pat Duffy and the rest of their team up to Orcas, A crew of dirty southerners including Benji Galloway. Tim Johnson and Jimmy “The Greek” Marcus were on there way, along with a motorcycle brigade that had ridden down from Canada. Being that the skatepark is on an Island seeing a dozen people at the Orcas Park is reason for a local to leave and come back when it's less crowded. We now had a total of five vans, two trucks, a car, 5 motorcycles and an RV ready to descend upon the Island like a swarm of hungry locusts. All of a sudden the smiles were back, and the anticipation was beginning to multiply.

That night we all got to the park with just enough time to do a few laps and feel it out before the sun went down. We hooked up with a skater named Couch, a down home Southerner who ran the local YMCA Skate Camp and served as park ambassador to travelling skaters. We would all have plenty to talk about over the fire that night. The following day was sunny and warm, and by noon the park was packed. The lines got drawn and the tricks got thrown down, as I knew they would. Besides the great park and perfect weather, what made this session so fun was the absence any of the pressure that comes with all of the contests and demos of the summer. This session was just a huge group of friends and acquaintances, many which had never been to Orcas before, having fun riding a sick park.

This is what the pro’s said about the summer blowout on Orcas Island-

I drank a few beers before we got on the ferry over to orcas. The ferry ride was sick enough, but having it end up at orcas made it so much better. We had a great crew and everyone was ripping. I rolled around the edge of the park, which I think is the best part, with a slight buzz. it was great.

-Kyle Berard

One of the most impressive things was the ferry ride, I tripped out on the view and the scenery, it was awesome… I though it was cool how something that crazy (The skatepark) could be built way out there on an Island…and the fact that a session like that went down with no planning was amazing…I want to go back and stay for longer.

-Mike Peterson

I don't want to sit here and complain. But, yes its a bummer showing up at your favorite spot, and you can’t skate. Especially Orcas Island. But I had a blast
hanging with my homies. talking shit and
drinking. Freaking Homar (Omar Hassan) was ripping that place to
pieces .Omar is one bad dude from the school of shred-sled. I'm not too worried about Orcas, I got my licks when
nobody was around. Shit I went there with the Anti Hero
crew and it was just us and TNT, fucking every little
piece of that bitch .Warren Miller showed up and we
vibed him for telling us to wear helmets. He might have
made some ski jump films and had something to do with
the park, but he needs to take his old honery ass
home. Let the players be players. Isn't that the point of skateboarding?????
We Ride.

-Chet Childress

Being a player has it’s price, and the locals at Orcas may end up paying it…PLEASE READ