Go Skate Day

Go Skateboarding Day was conceived with the intention of having a day when every skater in the world could skip work, school and any other insignificant responsibility in order to take to the streets, parks and pools to spend the day skateboarding.
In recognition of this we at Skateboarder Magazine gathered the crew, packed up the van and headed out for a full day of skateboarding. We made sure to bring our T-shirt heat press so we could slap custom skateboarder logos on kid's shirts. We also made brought plenty of cool drinks and free stuff for all those who came out to help celebrate.

11:30 Our fist stop was the Pala pool. This pool is notorious for having good trannies, big coping and being totally blown out. We had a scorching session in the mid day heat. After getting some carves, grinds and slashes we hooked up the locals with some swag and headed out to Chula Vista Skate Park.

1:30 Our buddies at Tum Yeto had set up a big event at the Park. They had even struck a deal to get everyone in for free. We got there to find a crazy park packed with skaters, vendor, and spectators. Sun Diego shop was throwing a best trick contest down a BIG three set. The local kids were wrecking themselves during warm up. We got in, did some skating, pressed some logos, gave away some decks, filmed some shredding and were gone before the contest started.

3:30 The next Stop was the Washington Street Skate Park. There we met up with lots of friends who were already busy celebrating the day with a BBQ and various party favors. We all got in some skating under the shade of the bridge, gave out some more goodies and hit the road.

5:00 This time we were headed to the Encinitas YMCA. At this point we were all starting to feel the strain of an all day mission on the first day of summer in Southern California. But after a 30 min ride we were all ready for one final session. We got to the park to see Chris Miller, Tony Magnusson, Tony and Riley Hawk and LynZ Adams-Hawkins already there. The session was amazing. Chris Miller is still one of the most talented skaters alive. We finished out our day at Encinitas. The good guys that work there kept the park open late for all the skaters.

9:15 We got back to the office pretty late and pretty exhausted, Every one was worn out so we unloaded the van said our goodbyes and all went home, beat up but feeling good and knowing that we had made the most of Go Skateboarding Day

Big thanks goes out to all these sponsors who kicked down product for the kids:
Ipath, Lakai, Volcom, Circa, Nike, Duffs, Sole Tech, Sessions, Zero, Emerica, Haakson, DVS, Matix, Element, Black Label,